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My Coding Projects

This is a list of all my major coding projects. Also feel free to take a look at my GitHub account.

JS Engine

A way to run JavaScript from within your obsidian notes using markdown codeblocks.

Lemons Theme

A clean, rounded, borderless and monospace theme for

Media DB Plugin

A plugin that can query multiple APIs for movies, series, anime, games, music and wiki articles, and import them into your vault.

Meta Bind Plugin

A plugin for Obsidian that can create input fields inside your notes and bind them to metadata fields.

Obsidian Stats

View Stats for the Obsidian Eco-System.

Obsidian Table Top Templates

Table Top / World Building templates for Obsidian


Obsidian Quick Access


ParsiNOM is a modern, optimized and typesafe parser combinator library.

Rust Sphere Tracer

A CPU Sphere Tracer implemented in the Rust programming language.